Clawlib by: Juan V. Guerrero


Coding conventions

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Clawlib is or intends to be a cross platform C++ library, why it is under the GPL? because the only way to achieve our goals is using all the help we can get from the community, and is also fair to give this effort back to them. I named the library that way because a while ago my wife wanted to have a company called Clawsoftware, we ran into some planning issues, time delays, problems at our studies, and conflicts of many kind, finally we didnt start anything, but we still aim to do so, someday we will have our own company, someday the time may come to realize our dreams.
There 6 target platforms we have in mind for deploying this library:
  • Linux
  • *BSD
  • MacOSX
  • SUN/Solaris
  • HP-UX
Right now we are working only on Linux because we had no access, of course, on our free time to any of the above environments, so please if anyone wishes to donate a box of each of the above it will be greatly appreciated. I had access in the past to some SUN boxes so a little porting work has been done, probably in a few months I will have access to some AIX boxes but for the other platforms I really have some difficulties.

Where can i download it?

Visit the sourceforge project site and checkout a CVS snapshot, probably youll see some tarballs there, but they are not as current as I wanted too, we are still running alpha here so please apologize me for not releasing any binaries either.

Who are we anyway?

Lets just say that we are a bunch of people who have fun coding stuff, we love C++, we are not C++ gurus (yet). Currently there are like four people involved in this: Sweetkernelpanic, Striker, Shishio and Coredumped´´. We are all panamanians. Did I told you that Coredumped is in love of Sweetkernelpanic?

How does clawlib looks like?
Take a close look at this graph.

Is this a whole C library wrapping?

Well..... no, but we are going to wrap as much as possible to add just two things, code easyness and portability.


Some friends and I use to work for a system integration company, this company had an experimental software development department, someday they told us to build somekind of scheduling daemon, but we prefer to play and use the opportunity to experiment a little, by that time we created a Linux/Solaris cross platform, but because of an NDA we signed the code remained with them, Clawlib is a complete new implementation of that library in fact is better, most structured, better planned and much, much more reliable.

Visit out sourceforge project site: